Ann Schwede, MGA Copywriter and Creative Director

Copywriter & Creative Director

A seasoned copywriter with a firm grasp of brand identity, Ann has worked for some of the biggest names in travel and lifestyle.

As the Copy and Special Sections Director at Condé Nast Traveler magazine, Ann created award-winning marketing content for the magazine and its upscale advertisers, including BMW, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Globus, and dozens of international tourism organizations. An avid traveler, Ann loves writing about destinations and has written countless itineraries for group travel programs to Italy, South Africa, Bangkok, Bhutan and beyond.

While working for Hearst Brand Development as a Special Projects Director, Ann supervised the production of Cosmopolitan magazine’s top-selling Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover software, designed by Mattel. With an instinct for look and feel and well-honed project management skills, Ann served as a fierce brand-keeper and trusted liaison while managing producers, designers, and writers through product launch. Earlier in her career, Ann dove headfirst into the luxury and fashion arena while working on staff at Vogue.

Karen Boltax, Visual Marketer and Creative Director

Visual Marketer & Creative Director

An expert at visual marketing, Karen tells product and brand stories through evocative imagery that speaks volumes. From fashion to fine art and food, she has a passion for all things that stimulate our aesthetic sensibilities.

Karen has more than 20 years experience working with major retailers including Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Talbots. As the Creative Director and Executive Producer for Silhouettes, a women's apparel brand, Karen orchestrated numerous photos shoots in far-flung locations including Argentina, Italy, Mexico, and throughout the U.S. With an eye on the bottom line, she conceptualized and developed a startup accessory business for Silhouettes, leading to a new multi-million dollar opportunity for the company.

Taking her creative skill set to another platform, Karen launched a fine art gallery in 2001. Karen’s helped grow the careers of numerous visual artists while selling millions of dollars of artwork to museums and private collections around the world. In keeping with her passions, Karen is also a marketing consultant for an innovative company that caters clean, fresh food to the entertainment industry.